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Please download a copy of the Angel Treaty by clicking on the title below:

Agreement of Cooperation for Due Diligence Sharing

This file includes a PDF of the Angel Treaty, with pages showing some of the early signatories followed by blank signature blocks. Please see Signatories for a current list. Groups intending to join the Angel Treaty should download this document, physically sign the next available signature block, and e-mail it as an attachment (or send via regular mail) to:

E-mail: with the subject “Angel Treaty

Evidence of your group’s having become a signatory will be posted to this site after your signature is received together with a short blog post (please inform the organizer what you’d like the post to say). Please note that the Angel Treaty becomes effective as to a given group upon said group’s signing, scanning and sending of the signed treaty document to the above e-mail address, and not when its name has been added to the Signatories page on this site.

To ensure compliance, signatories should also navigate to Resources and download a copy of the Enrollment Form. Please follow the steps there to ensure that each member of the signatory angel group agrees to personally abide by the terms of the Angel Treaty with regard to the sharing of due diligence conducted via the group.


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